Welcome to our company

Farhat & Co. proudly acclaims to provide the best services in Electrical / supplier / consultant and can undertake the whole job. Please find our line of product and list of references that might speak of our quality and experience.

Since 1981 Farhat & Co. continues to strive for providing reliable, efficient & cost effective projects to many local and multinational companies on turnkey basis. Our commitment with client is also backed up by extensive technical support, after sales service and comprehensive level of stock, for immediate response to customerís requirements.

What Do We Do

  • Installations

    Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of electrical goods from 11KV to 132KV presents the involved IEC standards and the main methods of connection to the MV utility distribution.

  • Manufacturing

    With the continuously increasing of production scale and automation, more and more factories pay a lot attention on uninterruptible supply.

  • Distrbutors of electrical goods

    Large distributors will have a wide range of electrical equipment, tools and parts available. HVAC equipment, electric motors, test equipment, control panels and safety supplies are only some of the items provided.

  • Consultancy

    Remote assistance electrical solution empowers you to provide fast, effective remote support and management, regardless of the operation.

  • Testimonials